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Learn these 9 easy tips to improve your Facebook Page to make it relevant and useful to your customers.

We all know that if there is an easy way for Pinoy entrepreneurs to promote and sell products online, that is through Facebook, right? So, let’s say you already have a Facebook page… but are you getting the best out of it?

Based on a 2018 report from a UK-based company, We Are Social, Filipinos spend 3 hours and 57 minutes in average on social media. It said that Facebook is used by 67 million monthly active users, where 93% users connect via mobile.

Moreover, most telecom providers offer free mobile data connection to Facebook (we call it “free data”), making it one of the most accessible social channels for Filipinos.

So whether your business has a physical store or an online shop, building your brand through Facebook offers you a lot of opportunities to reach your Pinoy customers whenever and wherever they are.

With all of this in mind, let me show you how you can optimize your Facebook page to make it useful and relevant to your customers!

  1. Business and Contact Info on the About tab
  2. Profile and Cover Photos/Videos
  3. Call-to-Action Button
  4. Services and Shop tabs
  5. Pinned Post
  6. Scheduled Posts
  7. Messaging and Saved Replies
  8. Recommendations
  9. Videos and Live Videos

#1. Business and Contact Info on the About tab

Improve Facebook Page using About Tab

J&V Graphics and Prints’ About tab on Facebook

Adding enough details on the About tab will help the business look professional and trustworthy. It also provides your pages visitors a plenty of options to contact or connect with you in and outside of Facebook (phone number, other social channels, email).

Page Name and Username. Make sure that the Page name and username are similar or matches each other. Too many variations of your social usernames might affect your branding, making it difficult for users to identify you, especially across different platforms.

Select 1 to 3 categories that will closely describe your industry or niche. This will give page visitors an idea about your business. It also makes your page searchable within Facebook when a user search for the category.

Include your business location and official channels. If you have a physical store, make sure to add your address and business hours accurately. People checking your Page might want to locate your place first and check if they can get to you conveniently before inquiring. Add your website and social media links so they can follow you on other social media platforms.

Complete your contact details. Add your business email address and phone numbers. Chances are, some people like to formally communicate through email messages, while others want to immediately connect with you through calling or texting. Customers love it when they can easily and quickly get a response from their inquiries, so include all types of communication that you can accommodate.

Showcase your Story. Recently, Facebook released a new feature for Pages: My Story. This is a part of the About section where you can create a short note or introduction on what your business is all about, how it started, or maybe use it to highlight recent activities, promos or events about your business. You can edit this the same way as Facebook Notes.

#2 Profile and Cover Photos/Videos

Improve your Facebook Page by showcasing your brand through Profile and Cover Photos

Profile and Cover Photo Branding for J&V Graphics and Prints

Make your Profile Photo something iconic. Ideally, you can use your business logo or icon that customers can easily recognize and remember as your brand. Also add a description for image attribute purposes and a link to your website’s landing page.

Create a Cover Photo that showcases your brand. You can use an image, a video, or an image slideshow on your cover photo section. Use high-resolution images that aligns with your brand and focuses on what your business has to offer. Add a caption (this can serve as an alt tag to your image) to provide supporting details and a link to your website or Shop/Services tab to encourage visitors to click.

It is important that it conveys the right message, because cover photos are also displayed on the Suggested Pages (located on the right side of the Facebook Newsfeed), like this image below.

Suggested Pages on Facebook Newsfeed - Free features to use to improve Facebook Page

#3 Call-to-Action Button

A call-to-action (CTA) is an instruction designed to prompt the audience or reader to immediately act or respond. So when adding a CTA button, ask yourself: What do I want my customers to do after going to my Page?

Purchase from my online shop? Message me? Email me? Book a reservation? Schedule an appointment? Sign up to my website’s newsletter? Play my mobile game?

Since the text on the buttons are default and cannot be changed, choose the best button that matches your marketing goals.

Improve your Facebook Page using Call to Action Button

dandiely’s “Play Game” button

On the above example, the Play Game button directs the Page followers to dandiely’s blog post on how to download, install and play the game.

#4 Services and Shop tabs

Don’t have a website yet? No problem! With Facebook’s Services and Shop tabs, you can easily organize and present your products and services like an e-commerce shop.

Services tab. For every service name, you can include an image, description, duration, and its price (optional).

Improve Facebook Page through Services tab featuring your list of services

Raket Host PH utilizing the Services tab to show their web development training services

Shop tab. This is ideal for businesses with several products. Listing your items through the Shop tab will make it easier for your customers to check products without the need to browse through all of your Facebook posts one by one.

For every product, you can include photos/videos, item description, and its price. There are also additional options for you to show if the item is currently on sale and in/out of stock. With the Visibility option, you can also hide the item from the Shop without deleting the product, and automatically post the new product on your Page with the Share option.

Improve Facebook Page through the Shop tab to showcase your products

Dyaryo Bags for Life’s Shop section

#5 Pinned Posts

If you want to highlight an important post, you can pin it on top of your Page to make sure that it gets the most views or visibility. What kind of posts should you pinned? It can be seasonal events or contests, new product announcements, sponsored posts, or your FAQ content.

Improve Facebook Page by pinning your important post or content

Au naturel pinned their ordering process and instructions

#6 Scheduled Posts

We all get the same advice where we need to regularly and consistently post on social media channels to boost our social presence. However, it is time-consuming to post your content every now and then, which makes this feature a valuable marketing tool for entrepreneurs.

With Facebook Pages, you can write your content and schedule it to be published in a later time.

You can do this by clicking the Post Options (the default is set to Share: Now). Then click the drop down arrow and select Schedule. A calendar and clock tool will pop up for you to choose the time and date when your post will be published.

You can also create schedule posts from the Publishing Tools tab of your Page.

Improve Facebook Page using Scheduled Posts feature

#7 Messaging and Saved Replies

Another free feature that can improve your Facebook Page is the use of messaging and its saved replies.

Enable messaging. Being able to reach your business through a personal message is crucial to your customer’s buying experience. Make sure to attend to each message and reply as soon as possible.

Saved replies serve as an effective messaging tool when providing specific information about your business. You may encounter several messages from different customers asking for the same information, like a PDF link of your product’s price list, your payment methods, your blog post showing a guide on how to use the product, or your shipping process. To avoid having to explain the answers again and again, you can create template replies that you can send them quickly.

To setup your saved replies, go to your Page’s inbox, click the ‘Choose a Saved Reply’ icon on the bottom right, then click the ‘Create a new reply’ link to start writing.

Improve Facebook Page by using Saved Replies

Setup Saved Replies on Facebook Page

#8 Recommendations tab

Facebook now made it easier for people to recommend local businesses to their friends and families by using the Recommendations for Facebook Pages (aka the old Reviews tab). By simply answering Yes or No, posting a review with text (at least 25 characters long), photos and tags, your business can earn easily earn a review.

This new feature will help your business build credibility and trust, especially since people rely on reviews made by their families and friends.

Recommendations on Smiles by Anj Facebook Page

Recommendations on Smiles by Anj Facebook Page

The recommend button is also prominently added among the action buttons of your Pages, especially on mobile.

When you have successfully closed a deal or a purchase from a customer, or when they sent a message to share their feedback on your product or service, encourage them to leave a review on your Recommendations tab.

If they generously add a review on their own, you can also  randomly surprise them by offering a discount or promo code on their next purchase!

Earning good recommendations will help boost your business’ credibility.

#9 Videos and Live Videos

Videos. Many users are now consuming videos on Facebook, and it’s a powerful tool to showcase your products and services. You can utilize videos to increase brand awareness and encourage user engagement.

In this example, a new in-game item was recently released and a separate photo and video was posted.

The video almost exceeded the photo’s organic reach and user engagements by almost three times. The video also earned 16 more shares, and about three times mores reactions than the photo.

Video of a new bike costume item

Photo of a new bike costume item

Live videos, on the other hand, are not for streaming games and showcasing live events only. These days, entrepreneurs are using live videos to sell their products right on the spot, offer promo codes and deals, and provide live demos.

These are the useful tools and features that you can use to improve your Page and be relevant to your customers.