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Are you trying to change the name of your Facebook Page but it keeps on getting denied? Find out the proven 2-step strategy that works here on the blog.

You might have considered re-branding and now your business name is not matching your Facebook Page name because Facebook did not approved it. It’s not good for our brands and it will definitely confuse our customers. I knew how frustrating it could be. It was also a major problem I have encountered when I was setting up my Facebook Page.

If you have tried to change your page’s name (and got denied), you will get a message like this:

how to change Facebook page name without getting denied

Appealing Won’t Help

You will automatically think about clicking the button ‘Appeal’, however, it will most likely get denied (been there) no matter what your explanation is. Once you hit that button and got denied, it will take you another 24 hours to edit or update your page name.

I appealed every chance I get and all of it was rejected. During the 24-hour intervals, I even considered creating a new page and merging it to the first one.

The Proven Steps to Change Facebook Page Without Getting Denied

Most of us must have taken that notification for granted, but the solution was actually found on that message.

Requests that meet our guidelines include removing descriptions from a Page’s name (ex: renaming “John Smith, Trainer” to “John Smith”).

Facebook considered it misleading if you drastically change your page name into a totally new name, like changing the word ‘Arrow’ to ‘Crossbow’. The solution was to make one minor change at a time. Here’s a proven example based on my own experience.

I wanted to change it into Estratehiya from the previous name Pasimuno.

Step 1: Add or incorporate the new name to the existing name.

To change the Page name, go to your Facebook Page > About tab > General > Name, then click ‘Edit’.

Here, I inserted the word Estratehiya before Pasimuno. Since I just add another term, it has a huge chance of getting approved because the original name (Pasimuno) is still there.

It was approved minutes after submitting the request.

how to change Facebook page name without getting denied

When the change of name has been approved, Facebook will disable the rename function for at least 7 days. While you have to patiently wait for a week to pass by, you can update your Page followers that your page is currently undergoing a name change process.

Step 2: Remove the old name and retain the final name

After 7 days, you can now see that the Request New Page Name option has been enabled again. Remove the unnecessary word(s) and finalize your new Page name.

On this example, I deleted the word Pasimuno and all that’s left is Estratehiya. And again, it was immediately approved after a few minutes!

how to change Facebook page name without getting denied

Is the process the same for Pages with longer names?

If your Page name has two or more words in it, say for example, Pasimuno Baking Blog and want to change it to Estratehiya Bakeshop, you can still follow the two simple steps by mixing the old and new name. For example:

  • Before: Pasimuno Baking Blog
  • After: Pasimuno Estratehiya Bakeshop (or) Estratehiya Bakeshop formerly Pasimuno Baking
  • Final: Estratehiya Bakeshop

Make sure that the temporary name of the Page will still make sense (during the Step 1). Remember that we don’t want our followers or customers to be confused.

Update the Facebook Page Username

Once you’re done renaming your Page, you must ensure that the Page username also matches it.

To change the username, go to your Facebook Page > About tab > General > Username, then click ‘Edit’.

how to change Facebook page name without getting denied

And you’re all set! Did this tutorial help you in renaming your Facebook Page? Let me know through the comment section.