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If you have a Facebook page and a blog or website, you might want to inter-linked these two channels by enabling the chat plugin or the Facebook Messenger plugin on your website or blog. This will help your website readers to engage or initiate conversations with you when they visit your blog or website.

So, how do we install the chat plugin on our blog or website? Check out the guide below.

Set Up the Messenger Plugin on your Facebook Page

  • On you Facebook page, go to: Settings > Messaging
  • Under the Starting a Messenger Conversation, find the Add Messenger to your Website.
    • Click the button “Get Started” next to it.
  • You will now see the Set Up Messaging Plugin. Click “Next” button.

Page 1:

  • Choose your preferred language by clicking the button.
  • Click “Change” button to edit your greeting message.

Page 2:

  • By default, the color scheme will be the Messenger’s blue color.
  • If you want other colors, activate the Custom Colors.
  • You can choose from the selection, or you can add the Hex code of the color you want.

Page 3:

  • On the “Add Website Domain Name“, add the exact link/URL of your blog/website.
  • This means that the messenger widget will only appear on this specific blog/website.
  • Hover you mouse pointer on the code on the right, and click it to copy the code. You can save the code on a Notepad for now.
  • Click “Finish” > “Done” to complete the process.

Install the Messenger Plugin on your Blog or Website

  • Open your website’s dashboard or editor.
  • If you are using WordPress:
    • Go to: Appearance > Widgets
    • Select or add HTML widget.
    • Paste the code on the HTML widget editor.
    • Click Save.
  • Alternatively, if you have a WorPress custom theme that enables you to add code directly inside the <body> tag, you can add the code there.
  • Refresh your website or blog to see if the code has been added successfully.